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23th General Assembly - Brief Review

General Assembly 2017

The General Assembly took place at the PH Zurich on 9th of May 2017 from 18:00-19:00h. It was held in an open positive atmosphere which also invited members to participate actively. The Board of directors was discharged. This year’s General Assembly was connected to elections of the Board of Directors and the president:  

Urs Gasser has decided to resign from the board of directors. In the name of the board Mirjam Eglin thanked him for his long standing support in the Board (1997– 2016, 2006-2011 as president). In honor of his contributions he was appointed Honorary Member. Mirjam Eglin wished him all the best for his professional and personal future, which hopefully would be a bit calmer.


Urs Gasser expressed his thanks for the honorary membership and gave a short personal review of the past twenty years of SwAPP. After the separation from SGPM, he was fascinated by how SwAPP took the chance to build up a strong, modern open minded organisation and at the same time keeping a very good collaboration with SGPM. Major milestones were the installation of the homepage, the opening to non-academic professionals in the field of pharmaceutical medicine, the inclusion of medical devices in the portfolio of SwAPP and last but not least the most recent change of having an executive office with a managing director. He encouraged the younger generation to take responsibility for SwAPP and its activities. Urs Gasser will continue to support SwAPP and will still be available for the Examination Committee.

The General Assembly thanked Urs Gasser by acclamation.

Election of the Board of directors and the president

All other board members (Mirjam Eglin, Marie Gaumet, Daniela Gunz, Annette Magnin, Annette Mollet, Simone Rey-Riek, Ivo Schauwecker, Marc Schmid, Pascale Wengerwere re-elected in globo by unanimous vote with no abstentions and no votes against. Mirjam Eglin was confirmed as president. Markus Bremgartner acknowledged the remarkable work of the president and the board of directors and the General Assembly expressed its agreement by acclamation.


Picture from left to right: Simone Rey-Riek, Annette Magnin, Ivo Schauwecker, Urs Gasser as Honorary Member, Mirjam Eglin, Daniela Gunz, Marc Schmid, Pascale Wenger, Annette Mollet; Marie Gaumet is not on the photo.