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SwAPP Diplomas

How to apply for a SwAPP Diploma or a Certificate for Continuous Professional Training:

The health care environment is changing rapidly. To be able to adapt to and fulfil the requirements of a job in the field of drug development, continuing professional development is key. SwAPP promotes and accredits courses for your continuous professional development.

We offer possibilities to acquire and broaden your skills by combining your professional experience with theoretical training. On our event platform we advertise courses in collaboration with accredited partners, we issue diplomas and acknowledge your continuing training. You can also compile the theoretical part yourself following our syllabus, for details please see the Life Long Learning Program and the Diploma descriptions.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to obtain one of our diplomas and improve your CV by proving your expert knowledge and practical expertise in the field of pharmaceutical medicine.

Note: In order to apply for a SwAPP Diploma, applicants need to become a member of SwAPP first. See further details about membership here.

SwAPP Diploma Pharmaceutical Medicine (Update per Nov 2014)

SwAPP Speciality Diploma Study Management (Update per Nov 2015)

SwAPP Speciality Diploma Clinical Pharmacology (Update per Nov 2014)

SwAPP Speciality Diploma Regulatory Affairs (New: Update per April 2016)
In collaboration with MEGRA. SwAPP Members will get a 15% reduction per MEGRA module. Details on the MEGRA Start-up course are available here: Link to Event Pages

SwAPP Speciality Diploma Medical Marketing (Update per Nov 2014)

SwAPP Speciality Diploma GCP Quality Management (Update per Nov 2014)

Members of SwAPP can apply for one of the SwAPP Diplomas by submitting their application through the

SwAPP E-Diploma Online Module

available in the member area of by clicking here.

For verification of current SwAPP Diploma holders you may contact the SwAPP Administrative Office at:

Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals
3000 Bern