Task Forces

SwAPP Communication

"This task force is a great opportunity for networking and launching new activities." Doris Penna

The task force Communication is responsible for the promotion of SwAPP with all partners in pharmaceutical medicine and health care. In meetings, workshops and by internet we strengthen the professional image of SwAPP and publicise SwAPP activities. We maintain the SwAPP homepage as a user friendly, informative and interactive platform for our members.

Marc Schmid

SwAPP Exchange Expertise

The task force Exchange Expertise organises events for discussion and exchange of experience and practival advice among participants in the fields of Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and others. Experts from industry, authorities (Swissmedic, EC, BAG etc.) and clinic will provide expert opinions and exchange ideas with the participants. In order to maintain a high quality standard and to cover a broad field of expertise with these events, we would like to encourage you to actively participate in our task force.

Daniela Gunz, Pascale Wenger, Annette Magnin

SwAPP Training and Education

The SwAPP Commission for Professional Development (CPD) is responsible for all matters concerning training and continuous education. It supervises and implements the SwAPP Life Long Learning (LLL) programme. This programme includes the SwAPP certification for Continuous Professional Training and the SwAPP Diplomas: Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine and the Specialty Diplomas. The representatives of the CPD evaluate and decide on the applications submitted for the SwAPP diplomas. They also review the yearly documentation of Continuous Professional Training. The CPD accredits external courses and course organisers.

Simone Rey-Riek, Natalie Leu-Möckli, Annette Mollet


SwAPP Medical Device

"Being member of the task force Medical Device, we have the unique chance to form a new task force "from the scratch". We can define the topics and direction where to go with this task force. The development of Medical Devices is very diverse, interesting and challenging. A real chance to exchange expertise and learn from other task force members." Ivo Schauwecker

We want to establish the SwAPP task force Medical Devices as a platform for professionals working in the field of developing Medical Devices. We focus on the "late stage" development (e.g. pre-clinical and clinical development, and licensing of Medical Devices). This working group is currently in the process of forming itself and a detailed working program will be established by the task force members and in collaboration with the SwAPP board.
Please apply to become a member of this task force now.

Marie Gaumet (Co-Chair), Gudrun Denke, Rolf Marugg, Alexandra Rieben, Kerstin Schneider, Ivo Schauwecker (Board Representative), Michel Weber



Please contact swapp@swapp.ch for further information about this taskforce.


SwAPP Career Resource Center

Daniela Gunz, Antonia Freer

Please contact swapp@swapp.ch for further information about this taskforce.